Annual Presidents Report 2015

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To the 2015 AGM of The NZ Netherlands Society Oranje Auckland Inc.

Our society here in Auckland has moved on another year with your support and hard work at times.

Your committee has achieved a considerable amount of work with a very few people over the past year. They organised the Coffee Mornings on every first Sunday of the Month, every Dutch Market day on the second Saturday of the month, met as a committee every second Tuesday of the month, rented out Holland House to the Hungarian Club and to the Folklore Chileno Latino Dancers on a monthly basis, and to other members on occasions. They organised a working bee early this year to tidy up the property inside and outside. They organise the cleaner and gardener. They organise events such as Sinterklaas and Kings-day celebrations and an Easter Egg hunt. They organised the building of a new deck at the back of Holland House which is appreciated by many, especially those who attend the market every month and those who attended the FSN BBQ. They publish “Het Auckland Krantje” every month which our editor Jon Strong put together so well in a very short time span every month. They control the financial activities of the Society. They send two delegates to the Annual General Meeting of the NZ. Federation of Dutch Societies  every year in October, to report on what we do and to learn what other Societies do around the country.

This year, two of our long serving committee members are retiring. Our Secretary Rita van Pelt has served for 15 years on your committee. Thank you Rita, for your commitment to our Society and for a job well done. Our Treasurer Tony Strong Koene has served many years in various positions on your committee to keep the Auckland Society going through hard times.  When I took over from Tony in 2012 as President he has given me great support whenever I needed him. Thank you Tony for taking on the Treasurer’s job when nobody else was available. Tony has been through operations in the past couple of years but stayed on. During those hard times he had the help of his son Jon to keep things going. Thank you Jon, for that great support you gave your father and the Society during those hard times. And I want to include here Rachelle Pelkman also for her work behind the scenes to keep our financial records in good shape, and producing our financial report again for this AGM.

The Auckland Dutch Dancers are the most active group within our society. They not only dance for the fun of it, they dance at Cultural Festivals around the City, in Hamilton and Whangarei etc. They organise among themselves social activities and outings. They dance for retirement homes and hospitals and they care for each other very well.  Whenever I needed help, they did their best to help me. Thank you Auckland Dutch Dancers for your Support with the working bee and in the kitchen from time to time. A special thank you for a great job in running the Kitchen on Market days.

I like to thank the stall holders at the Market each month for their loyal support and bringing a variety of products to each market. I like to thank Owen Poelijoe for taking over the Herring stall when Tony Strong sold his fish business. It is part of the Dutch character of the Market. I understand that the Dutch Market has been going for 15 years in July this year. Congratulations!!!!

The new committee will have to plan for varnishing the Hall floors this coming year, putting up a new garden shed as the old one is nearly falling to pieces and is leaking. They will have to upgrade the internet facilities, and organise the annual events. We also need to find ways to increase our membership and to attract younger members to assure continuity of our Society.

Wishing you all well in the coming year.

Albert Ruijne


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