Van de President – July 2016

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Our AGM in June had just more than a quorum. Thank you to those who attended a very successful AGM which was followed by a nice lunch prepared by Ineke Knuvers. Thank you to those, who volunteered to work in the kitchen and helped with the clean-up.

Matters arising from the AGM

There is the matter of door keys out that are not registered. Will those who have a key to Holland House, please contact me by email at [email protected] to let me know how many keys your group or individual have. If we can identify all the keys that are out, we then do not need to change the lock and change the keys. This will save us a lot of money. Please let me know before the end of July 2016. Those who do not need a key anymore, please return it before the end of July 2016.

The election of committee members went quick. There was one resignation and one new member elected. Walter Hermsen resigned due to work and family pressures. Thank you Walter for serving in the past year as Vice President. Margreet Oerlemans-Kruit was the only new elected committee member. Welcome to the coming year’s committee, we surely can use your talents on our committee, Margreet. At our July Committee meeting a new Vice President will have to be appointed by the Committee.

The Quorum for future AGM’s has changed from 30 members to 20 members. The other proposed changes to the constitution as published in the June Krantje were carried.

I was very pleased that at this AGM were delegates from the Auckland Dutch Dancers, Friendly Support Network, Rederijkers, EJOS, Klaverjassen and the Dutch Connection who reported on the work of their groups. All these groups are working within the Dutch Community. I propose that each group selects a member to be represented on our NZ. Netherlands Society Oranje Auckland Inc. Committee, so that we can work together to serve the Dutch Community better in the future and to secure the continuation of each group. The problem of the aging population is having effect on our committees. It is important that we work together in recruiting younger members from the Dutch Community.

Paid-up membership has again reduced this year and so has our income. To be able to continue to maintain Holland House, we need to be busy this coming year with raising more funds to be able to survive. We stopped our Coffee morning on the first Sunday of the month and have replaced it with a Games or Movie evening on the 3rd Saturday of the month. This has been an improvement on income. We like to see the attendance grow at these evenings to assure continuation.

It was moved and seconded that a “Hardship Fund” be set up for those who would like to be members of the club but can not afford the full membership fee. This motion was carried. This now means we need members to donate to this fund so that we can help those who can’t afford the full membership. When you make a donation, please mention that it is for the “Hardship Fund”.

To save on the cost of postage in the coming year for “Het Auckland Krantje” we have purchased ten boxes of stamps at the old price. In July we have to pay 20 cents more per stamp for postage. The other way we can save postage is by sending Het Krantje to you by email.  If you can receive emails, consider to send your email address to Jon Strong, the editor of Het Krantje, as soon as possible.

It was suggested that we get our piano tuned as the FSN is planning to hold the Christmas Service this year in Holland House. For hiring out Holland house it has been asked if we could get the piano tuned. So we have two good reasons to get the piano tuned. Donations towards getting this job done as soon as possible will also be appreciated.

It was suggested that the front door be repaired and repainted. Is there anyone willing to make a donation towards getting this job done?

The floor on Holland House needs to be sanded and varnished. This is a costly job that requires a donation of at least $3000.00. Can someone help with this, please.

Thank you for your support in the past. I look forward to your support in the future. Keep supporting the activities of the club and invite others to come along and enjoy the fellowship.

Albert Ruijne

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