Van de President June 2017

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I am getting excited about our Dutch Society here in Auckland. I feel rejuvenated, I see a better future since the “Nederlandse School” moved into Holland House. I see growth in the “Nederlandse Speelgroep” which now will meet twice per month. There is even growth in new membership of our Dutch Club. There is hope for the future!!! Margreet Oerlemans has taken on the continuation of the “Coffee Mornings” for seniors in Holland House. She is planning topics for discussion to do with growing older and how we can help each other with this. The Dutch Market is going from strength to strength. There are more and more young families coming to the Dutch Market each month. We have now a new Custodian at Holland House as from May. Jan Kruit is his name. His contact phone number is 021 368 758. Cor Geluk has retired after many years of service to the club. We wish him well in his retirement.

A representation of Dutch organisations had a round table conference at the home of the Dutch Ambassador Rob Zaagman in Wellington early in May. The purpose was to establish a closer relationship with each other and work together on future projects to lift the image of the Dutch in NZ. At this first meeting they have agreed to exchange information, connecting, and aligning initiatives. They have agreed to meet monthly for a while to prepare activities around Tasman’s first sighting of NZ 375 years ago and to secure funds for the different activities around this commemoration. Each organisation is to maintain their own independence and has their own constituency to report back to. They discussed the idea of hiring a project manager to work for all organisations at a national level if funds could be found for this.

The Federation of Dutch Societies and affiliated Trusts will hold their Annual National Committee Meeting on the 16th of September in Netherville this year as Netherville will celebrate their 25 year existence at that time. Hamilton will have their annual Tulip festival the next day on Sunday the 17th of September to which all our members are invited. Pencil these dates in on your calendars now. If you have any remits you want to be presented to the National Committee, then they need to be in the hands of your local committee not later than the end of June.

This year we want to celebrate 375 years since Abel Tasman’s first encounter with New Zealand in one way or another. Have you got any suggestions how we can do that in Auckland? Please contact any of your committee members as soon as possible as we want to get the ball rolling at our next committee meeting. We are in touch with other groups not just in NZ, but also in Tasmania and the Netherlands to see what they are planning so that we will not overlap but work hand in hand on the project “First Encounter 375”

Membership renewals are overdue now. There are still members who have not renewed their membership for the year 2017/18. Only paid-up members can vote at our A.G.M. on the 2nd of July. If you want to have your say at the AGM be sure you have paid your membership for the year, click here to renew. We thank those who have already paid their membership and welcome the new members who have joined this year.

Hereby I give you notice of our AGM on the 2nd of July 2017 at 2pm in Holland House, 123 Rockfield Road, Penrose.

Nominations for committee members are now open. These have to be in the hand of the secretary not later than Friday the 23rd of June 2017. The nomination has to be signed by two, the nominee and the nominator. Remits for the AGM need to be in the hands of the secretary not later than Friday the 23rd of June 2017.

For the programme of this month’s activities please see the last page of “Het Auckland Krantje.

The “Nederlandse School” meets for the last day of this term on Thursday 22nd of June, then has a term break until the first day of the new term on Thursday the 27th of July 2017. The school meets every Thursday afternoon in Holland House during the school term.

Don’t forget our fundraising project. Please help to sell our Entertainment book which contains vouchers worth $20,000.00 for just $70.00 per book. We get 20% of every book we sell. I have these books for sale at the Dutch Market each month.

We wish those who have a birthday this month a Happy Birthday. Those who are not well, we wish you a speedy recovery, and those who have lost a loved one, we send you our condolences and those who are travelling, we wish you a safe journey.

Kind regards,

Albert Ruijne

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