Van de President – March 2016

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Wij zijn weer op weg. Het jaar is begonnen met een Markt en BBQ op de tweede Zaterdag van februari. De Dutch Market begon weer goed en met weer vele nieuwe gezichten en ook vele bekenden. Deze keer werden sommige Kasteel spelen geintroduceerd op de markt op het buiten dek.Er werd veel gebruik gemaakt door gezinnen. Het gaf veel plezier aan allen die mee deden. Ook het weer werkte mee. Hopelijk maken er meer mensen gebruik van op de Markt in Maart. Die zelfde dag kwam het Committee tesamen met hun gezinnen voor een BBQ in Holland Houseom elkaar beter te leren kennen en elkaar aan te moedigen om samen te werken met het organiseren van het jaarlijkse programma.

On the 16th of February the Auckland Multi-Cultural Society organised a seminar at Holland House to help clubs to apply for funds from the local council for the activities of their clubs. We attended this seminar also and found that the criteria of the local council for fund distribution was limited to organising Art exhibitions and cultural displays and language schooling. It does seem that we are not able to get any funds from the local council this year.

Our Games evening started the year with a BBQ for everyone followed by games. There was a reasonable turn out for this event. We had to compete with the Chinese New Year events in town. The weather was very good. Margreet Oerlemans spoiled us with a very tasty peanut sauce. She said she will produce this sauce for sale at the next Dutch Market in March.

On the first Tuesday of the month the committee meets to discuss the agenda. The Programme for the year was set. The Dutch Market remains on the second Saturday of each month except for the month of January, when there is no market. Albert Ruijne will be the market coordinator. On the 3rd Saturday of the month we have our games/film evening. We started the year with a games evening and in March there will be a film evening. Ineke Knuvers will be the coordinator of these events. You don’t have to be a member to participate in the events at Holland House. Kingsday will be celebrated with a Cocktail Party on Wednesday evening the 27th of April at Holland House from 7pm to 10pm. The committee organises this. We hope to have a live band to provide music for the evening. We are waiting for confirmation. Sinterklaas this year will be on Saturday the 3rd of December in Holland House from 11am to 1pm. This is coordinated by Owen Poelijoe and Jon Strong. The Hungarian Club has booked Holland House from February to November every second Sunday of the month from 2pm to 8pm approximately. The Dutch Dancers are meeting every Thursday evening from March to December for practice from 7.30 to 9.30pm. The FSN meets in Holland House every 3rd Sunday of the month for Instuif from 11am to 2pm. There may be other bookings from time to time for the use of Holland House, please check with Albert Ruijne.

The question is, How do we reinvigorate our club and attract the young and new emigrants to participate in the wellbeing of our club? The why, how and by whom was discussed at length and is an ongoing discussion in our committee. A document of 108 pages came to my attention a couple of weeks ago from a Dutch Forum “Onze Hoe Wie” that was held in the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion on the 25th of October 2008 that challenged my thinking in regards to the future of the Dutch clubs in New Zealand. I had to look again at the Objects in our Constitution, which are as follows.

Objects of our Society


  • To keep alive the Dutch traditions and to maintain the cultural ties between the Netherlands and New Zealand.
  • To foster feelings of friendship and good understanding between Dutch settlers and all other nationalities.
  • To assist its members in circumstances of need, where there is no adequate provision by statute or otherwise, and where such assistance is financially or otherwise possible.
  • To organise meetings and social evenings.
  • To do all such other things as are expedient or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects.


This raises questions by me such as;

Have we passed on to our next generation and the generations thereafter our language, culture, and a desire to stay together and to work together for the good of all? I think that we have failed to do that and we need to correct that to keep our identity.

We have been good in developing friendships with other nationalities.

We should do better in looking after those who are in need. The FSN is struggling to maintain this service to the Dutch community as they are short of helpers and no younger blood is coming on board to replace the elderly volunteers who have passed away.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers who are capable to organise events. We are limited by the capabilities and the number of volunteers we have, to do the things that need to be done.

Can you help in any way? Please let us know.   

It’s time to renew your membership, as agreed at the AGM last year, the Family membership is now $60. Single membership will remain at $40.00. You can renew your membership online at or at the book table at the March Market. Please complete the form at the back of this Krantje and bring that along if you pay at the market.

We wish those who are sick a speedy recovery and those who have lost a loved one our condolences. To those who are going on holiday, we wish you a great time and a safe journey. Until we meet again, keep up the good work.

Albert Ruijne

  1. Colinda Rowe

    Hi Albert,
    I have a young son and I would love to teach him the dutch language – I have often wondered about a dutch playgroup? This might be a good way to attract younger people to the club?
    I am not a member and I don’t have a lot of free time but I would be happy to help in setting up a playgroup if there were others interested.

    Kind regards,
    Colinda Rowe

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