Van de President November 2015

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October has been a month of many activities and so are the remaining months of the year going to be.

Ineke Knuvers, Walter Hermsen and I attended the Federation of NZ. Netherlands Societies ANCM in Christchurch from the 16th to the 18th of October. We had a great time with delegates from all over the country. We learned what other clubs were doing and what their strengths and weaknesses are. One thing we all have in common is, that our membership is ageing and that not many younger generation people are joining our clubs. Wellington is the only club that has younger members on their committee because of the connection they have with the Dutch school where younger couples send their children who use the clubhouse for their classes.  It is time we do something similar and develop a relationship with the Dutch school in Auckland.

The delegates said goodbye to Kees Dorresteijn, who resigned as President after many years of service to the Federation and to Marian Martens who served the Federation for the last three years.

We elected a new National committee of the Federation. They are: President, Joost de Bruin (Wellington). Vice President N.I., Albert Ruijne (Auckland). Vice President South Island, Sharon Alabaster (Christchurch). Secretary, Anne-Marie Knibbler (Wellington). Treasurer, Wies van den Berg (Waikato).

A remit “that the entry fee for the “Ring-In Klaverjas Competition”  be increased from $6.00 to $10.00 per person was carried. This means that the prize money can be increased.

His Excellency  the Ambassador for the Netherlands, Rob Zaagman,  opened the ANCM, complementing  the Federation delegates for the great voluntary work they do to keep the Dutch flag flying in this country. He said the Dutch have created a good name for themselves in New Zealand and have integrated well in this community. He told us about the changes that have taken place this year in the embassy and the consulates in Christchurch and Auckland.  Passports can now be gotten from the embassy in Wellington only. The consulates are now closed for passport renewals. We are now also required to prove that we have not become a NZ Citizen when we apply for a passport and have lived in New Zealand more than 5 years. You can prove this with an authenticated Letter of Denial. The embassy can help you with this.

We ended the day with going together to the “Chateau on the Park” for dinner in the “Garden Court Brasserie”. We had a lovely meal and a good time together. Christchurch put on the best weather and Spring display of blossoms for us. After all it is known as the Garden City of New Zealand.

There is something that has been bothering me for a long time now in regards to our monthly Coffee Mornings. It has been our custom to meet every first Sunday of the month for coffee, drinks and lunch. The attendance has been constantly on the low side and it is not economically viable to continue. It is also difficult to find a person who is willing to take on the organisation for the coffee morning on a permanent basis. I have done the organisation now for a considerable time at the cost of not being able to go to Church on the Coffee Mornings. This is bothering me, and I have decided to stop the Sunday morning Coffee mornings as from December, if no one else is willing to take on this responsibility.

I propose that we transfer the coffee mornings to the afternoon of the first Sunday in the month at 3pm, if we cannot find a person willing to organise the mornings. I can be available in the afternoon. Let us discuss this on the coffee morning on the first Sunday in November.

I was not able to be at the Dutch Market in October as I had to attend a funeral. But I heard that it was a success and many new faces were seen and reunions were celebrated. There were even new stalls. In November there will be a full market according to enquiries I have taken. So do not miss out on these new opportunities. The weather should also be good enough to utilise the deck out the back of Holland House which by then should have a new coat of oil. We also have a new handrail along the fence, all the way up to the backdoor for those who cannot climb the stairs. Please note that we have now a child-safe gate behind the main entrance. Please close it after you have gone through the gate, so the children will not get out without the help of their parents.

The working-bee on the first Saturday in October did not go ahead as nobody turned up but me. This means we need to organise another date to get things done around the place. If you are prepared to do some work around or in Holland House please give me a call so we can arrange a date and time.

Sinterklaas op 5 December staat weer voor de deur. Wie mee will doen moet zich so spoedig mogelijk registreren bij Owen Poelijoe, Phone 478 9707. Ook als je kunt helpen op de dag kun je Owen bellen.

The games evening and the film evening were well attended for the first time and were a success according to those who attended. Keep your eyes open for the next games evening in November.

This year the FSN is again organising the annual Christmas Lunch at Waipuna Lodge Hotel and Conference Centre on Sunday November the 29th starting at 12 noon with mix and mingle and at 12.30 the Buffet will start. As usual we encourage our members to share in this happy occasion. Tickets are available from a number of people,  see the advertisement elsewhere in Het Krantje. The tickets will also be available on the November Dutch Market for $30.00 each. So bring your cash or cheque for the number of tickets you want. For more information please contact Alice Henning phone 837 3444.

I would like to thank Bert Koppenaal for putting up the new handrail and the child proof gate and Cor Geluk for painting the new boards on the fence and the handrail, and oiling the deck and finally  Jan Kruit for keeping the lawns and gardens tidy. These improvements will be appreciated by all.

Those who are not well, I wish you a speedy recovery. To those who have lost a loved one in the past month, I give my sincere condolences.  To those who are planning to travel in the coming month, I wish you a safe journey. To those who have returned from their travels, welcome home. Until next time we meet, have a great time.

Albert Ruijne

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