Van de President September 2015

Inge and I have been struggling for weeks now with a nasty cough. We know that many people have been or are still struggling with this. We wish you all a speedy recovery.

Time flies, as always in our household. There are always plenty of things to do, and many times things do not get done on time.

Our Coffee Morning in August went very well, even though the attendance could be better. Our Coffee Morning in September will cause a dilemma for me as I will be in Hamilton at the Tulip festival. But Rita van Pelt will take care of that for me on the 6th of September. Thanks Rita.

On Saturday the 5th of September there will be the Tulip Festival in the Hamilton Botanical Gardens to which all of you are invited. See the notice elsewhere in Het Krantje.  Following the Tulip Festival in the evening at the same event will be a drama performed by the Dutch Drama Club “Toenail Culture Ale” from Christchurch at 7pm. The doors will be open at 6pm and there will be a BYO drinks and snacks, happy hour. Inge and I will be staying in Hamilton for the night to attend this happy hour and the play called “De Jantjes”, followed by supper. The Dutch Dancers from Auckland will perform at the Tulip festival that afternoon and will attend the play in the evening. I am sure that we will have a great time with our friends in Hamilton.

Our Dutch Market in August was again a great success. I am looking for more Stall holders for the September Market. Anyone with goods for sale is welcome. Please give me a call on 021-346-933 to book a table. The Market is very popular for its imported cheeses, herring, oliebollen and kroketten. Our Café at the market has a real Dutch atmosphere where many people meet the friends they have not seen for a long time. Do come along with your family and friends to enjoy this friendly atmosphere on Saturday the 12th of September.

During the past month vandals have torn off sections of the fence next to the walkway. We had to get this quickly repaired. We thank Bert Koppenaal that he could do this quickly for us. He also put up the new shed we bought sometime ago. Do have a look when you come to the next market.

We need to organise a working bee to clean up Holland House and its surroundings. The Committee is asking for volunteers to help us with the next spring cleaning on Saturday the 3rd of October. Please let one of the committee members know if you can help on this day. Holland House belongs to the Dutch Community and therefore we call on the Dutch community for help to maintain our property.

We are looking for volunteers to help us with organising Sinterklaas this year on the 5th of December. Please contact Ineke Knuvers on 483 5813 if you can help.

Ineke Knuvers is organising a games evening on Saturday 19th September at 7pm and the following month a film evening. Please do support her in this by coming along with your friends and family. See the advert in this Krantje.

To those who are not well, I wish you a speedy recovery. To those who have lost a loved-one in the past month, I give you my sincere condolences. To those who are planning to travel in the coming month, I wish you a safe journey. To those who work hard for a living, make sure you take a well deserved rest regularly. Until next month have a great time.

Albert Ruijne

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